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Elizabeth Métraux


I may be a writer, thinker, PR nerd, and Grey’s Anatomy devotee, but first, I’m a mom.

So when I’m not on the road capturing and telling your stories, I’m listening to the stories of my daughter - a fearless, compassionate, brilliant spirit who lives in her own world of limitless possibilities.

And shouldn’t all women have the joy - the right - to be so unrestrained with our ambition and ideas?

That’s why I founded Women Writers in Medicine. With 15 years of experience around the globe helping individuals and organizations disseminate their ideas, I’ve seen firsthand how game-changing it can be to get our stories out there. From running State Department initiatives with young journalists in the Middle East and former Soviet Union, to leading communications for the National Institutes of Health’s workforce diversity efforts, I have enough hard-won wisdom and wild optimism to know that your message can inspire conversation, connection, and real change, too.

Elizabeth’s work has appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine, Health Affairs, STAT, Medium, and more. She regularly speaks across the country - from the stages of the Aspen Ideas Festival to the lecture halls of Harvard. She also hosts Women Writers in Medicine’s podcast, "The Venn,” and live storytelling events nationwide.


Dana Hiniker


My passion is to find ways to improve health and healthcare through connection and community. Hearing firsthand accounts of the experiences of women in healthcare has shaped my view on how to approach important issues in medicine at the individual, community, and policy levels.

Through my travels in the U.S. and abroad, I've witnessed how groups of dedicated individuals can overcome the unique challenges experienced by women in healthcare not just for themselves and their peers. In 2018, through a series of community-building initiatives, I listened to hundreds of healthcare professionals share their stories in welcoming, supportive environments across the country. The overwhelmingly positive response from everyone involved has made me realize how much of an impact I can make to health and healthcare with the right framework in place. This framework has grown into Women Writers in Medicine, and I am thrilled to bring my experience making connections, growing organizations, and advocating for change to this wonderful organization.

Dana is currently pursuing her Masters of Public Health in Health Services Management and Policy at Tufts University.

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Regan O’Marra


Simply put: I’m obsessed with deliverables. I’m all about designing and evaluating realistic solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems facing communities - particularly women. Through my field experience in the U.S. and abroad, I’ve witnessed just how disadvantaged women are in healthcare across the globe. And yet, as a public health student, I’ve also been part of so many powerful conversations that move us from problem to action. I’m thrilled to work with Women Writers in Medicine to create a community of passionate women mobilizing to create change.

Regan is currently enrolled in a dual BS/MPH program in Global Health Program Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation at the George Washington University.


Cherie Marquez


As a born storyteller, I’m in this work because I want to provide a good foundation for my daughter to tackle the world. I have a diverse creative, nonprofit, and business background that includes domestic and international film, marketing, design, and digital storytelling. I enjoy shaping meaningful narratives through media and marketing in order to advance conversations that evoke good and encourage inclusion.

Cherie’s work has appeared in Darling Magazine, Kinfolk, Sundance Institute, Film Independent, and more. She is an active member of the Women’s Media Center working to raise the visibility, viability and decision-making power of women and girls in media. Cherie is also an Angel Investor in female-owned or focused businesses, and is an advisor to several start-ups.


We’re seriously (seriously) committed to our values.


We’re passionate about creating a more inclusive, diverse field of medicine. A gender equity lens is a must.


We’re not afraid to take risks. We embrace possibility. And we believe that all ideas are worth considering.


We respect each other’s judgement and work style, and believe that everyone at the table belongs there. That also means we have clear expectations and understand our individual roles and responsibilities.


We’re unfailingly, supportively candid with each other, and exercise transparency in our work and decisions.


We believe we’re at our best when we do work that feeds our soul. We don’t settle for less than exceptional quality and genuine impact.


Jazzed about our work and our values?

We’re building our team. If you’re ready to shatter some glass (and have a good time doing it), reach out. We’d love to talk.