Launch Party

A special thanks to all those who came out for the launch of Women Writers in Medicine! It was a wonderful evening with some amazing women leaders in healthcare. If you missed the night, check out the pics and remarks below. We look forward to seeing you at our next soiree!

Remarks by Elizabeth Metraux

I started my day at my daughter's school with one of my dearest friends.

We were there to watch the middle schoolers give a presentation on the U.N. Global Goals. My daughter chose gender equity.

And I was standing in the room, I thought of all the stories the room held.

My friend, for example, was raised in a bakery that she ultimately took over. A woman-owned business in a time when women simply didn't own businesses. She found her great love in an immigrant who didn't speak English, but went on to become the town banker. She raised three boys - three good, good boys. Indeed, one who became my own love.

She’s strong in that way that women of a certain generation are strong. A quiet grace, a deference, that belies her fearlessness and conviction.

I thought about the stories in the room that were being shared, of trailblazers and changemakers. And I thought of those stories we'll never hear - for fear or some sense of unimportance. And stories - like my daughter’s  - still very much unfolding.

The room was powerful, filled with promise and potential.

This room, too, is powerful, filled with just as much expectation.

A lot of companies have a vision statement. We have a guiding philosophy. Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing the untold story.”

That can be interpreted in two ways, can't it?

There’s how the untold story impacts us, the storytellers, when our voices are silenced, or whispered, or disregarded.

And in the space of healthcare, there’s the impact of our untold stories on all those we touch. Without your voices, your research, and your ideas, we stymy discovery, innovation, connection, humanity, care. The stakes are so much higher when the voices of women - of any underrepresented group - are unheard.

That's why Women Writers in Medicine exists. We’re here to amplify your voice.

It's been said that good writers write because they have something they want to say; great writers write because there's something that must be said. I think the same is true for organizations. Great organizations exist not because of desire, but because of compulsion.

We’re stirred to act.

And so we are - together.

They say that history is made by those who write it. I believe this organization can write some history. I believe your stories and your research can make history, and I believe that when our children give presentations about gender inequity, they’ll speak of it as history.

Now a toast.

To writing history. To breaking glass ceilings. And to your stories.

Elizabeth MetrauxComment