Your ideas need a stage.

*Also: a strategy, a platform, a guide, and an advocate


What We Do

WE WRITE FOR AND WITH women to advance careers, ideas, and research

  • Thought leadership strategy development

  • Writing, publication, placement, and editorial support

  • Coaching and mentoring of individuals, C-suite, and aspiring leaders

WE ADVOCATE for women’s leadership, scholarship, and representation

  • Keynotes, presentations, and workshops

  • Research and evaluation of and with institutions to understand and address issues of gender equity

  • Development, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based solutions to advance women and underrepresented groups

WE BUILD COMMUNITY among women in healthcare

  • Development of institutional and regional women’s leadership, innovation, and peer networking groups

  • Hosting of peer networking events, including storytelling nights and supper clubs

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How We Do It


Women looking to grow their thought leadership can get engaged on a project-by-project basis, or for a monthly retainer to gain regular access to writers, coaches, peers, and mentors. This provides women with one-on-one, consistent support from our team.


We work with a number of institutional partners to provide support to cohorts like new grantees and aspiring clinical and faculty leaders. Not only do women, then, see the incredible impact of their scholarship on their own careers, but institutions are able to track the cohort, reward their success, and further amplify their reach.



What Our Clients Can Expect

  • To paraphrase Coach Gregg Popovich, “We tell you the truth, and we love you to death.”

  • While fierce advocates for equity, we know that issues of identity can be personal, complicated, and sensitive. We approach the dialogue with humility and best intent, and expect partners to do the same.

  • We’re into the human experience. Please don’t apologize for interrupting, second-guessing, pushing back, getting emotional, or for your credentials, your experience, or your opinions.  

  • Sometimes ideas and stories are ahead of their time. When it comes to publication, know that timing (and patience) is everything.

  • We’re committed to seismic change; that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s important to be kind with each other when the process is slow and incremental.


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