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Our Work

Women Writers in Medicine is a place for early career women in healthcare to connect, write, ascend, and advocate. We’re amplifying women’s work through research and publication, supporting women’s career advancement through thought leadership, and giving women access to the platforms and peer networks essential to success.

Publication is necessary for progression... the culmination of career development, mentorship, funding, and support. Gender inequity must therefore be tackled at the level of journals.
— Kathryn Rexrod | Harvard Medical School

Our Why

There’s no question that healthcare is woefully underrepresented by women at the top. That’s not just bad for women; it’s bad for institutions, health systems, patients, and scientific discovery.

To be sure, there are some promising efforts being made to address the bias, sexism, and systemic barriers at the root of the gender gap in STEM. But let’s be honest: while important and tedious work is being done to deconstruct the good ‘ole boys’ network, women are getting a little tired of waiting for others to catch up.

Women and women-identified professionals need to raise their voices, their research, their ideas, and their experiences - now. And what better way to do that than through publication?

And aside from being a powerful avenue; publication is also a necessary one.

Folks in healthcare need publication to both advance their issues and their careers. Unfortunately, that’s harder to come by for women.

In fact, a 2016 study in the British Medical Journal found that the share of female first authors on papers in major medical journals has plateaued around 37 percent since 2009. In some publications, including the New England Journal of Medicine, women’s authorship has actually gone down in the last decade. It’s no wonder, then, that only one in five full professors at academic medical schools are women - despite women graduating from med school at the same rates as men.

It’s time to shake things up. To disseminate women’s ideas through publication, press coverage, speaking gigs, and conference presentations, thus opening up more opportunities for more women to get more funding, more career advancement, and usher in a more inclusive, diverse field of medicine.


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